Thursday, June 4, 2015

Weekly progress of the dome

*238* <---oh yeah oh yeah!

  Today has been a week since my CSF leak seal in my skull. I am better. We had cold and rain for two days and I felt pretty awful. The sun came out yesterday and I went out with kid #2. We went to DG and the community garden to plant peppers and eggplants. I think I was out for a hour total. It felt good to DO something. My head feels weird but that is part of the healing process. I am on no narcotic pain relief at all. I take some Tylenol for some ear pain. All part of healing.

  I have been sitting here all week waiting for the other shoe to drop. It hasnt. I am supposed to be experiencing rebound pressure pain in my head. I am sealed so there is no place for the extra fluid to go. So far, no pressure. It has got me thinking. Do I have IIH or something else?
 The something else could be what we thought I had three years ago, Superior Semicircle Canal Dehiscence.  This is something I will bring up at my Post Op appointment in two weeks. The neuro seems to think I dont have the IIH all along. I dont want any of it but I would rather be treated for the right thing from the start. They both have similar symptoms but with IIH the symptoms are all the time. I dont have that. I cant answer how my head feels right now because I am still healing. But there is no pressure at all. *knock on formica*

  My surgery was a success even though I am going thru healing mode. I am not over doing it so dont scold me. I have already heard it. Just because I had my skull opened up does not mean I am a invalid. Everyone heals at their own pace. Today I will do a couple things, eat some lunch, and take a nap. This is what I will do until that day comes when my ear doesnt hurt, the ringing is less, and my head feels 100% clear. I am clear enough to make decisions, drive short distance, buy cream for coffee, and cage my tomatoes. I just need to be close to home for rest and long distances require a chauffeur. Okay? Okay!

 Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. They have helped me alot.


  1. No scolding! long as you don't overdo it. Even if it's not IIH, I think you've finally found a doctor that will listen and work with you to figure out what it is. You got this!

  2. Part of me thinks I do have the IIH because of how indeed today. Other times I think I don't. I don't know. I am still healing so I cannot be sure of anything right now.
    Laying around is sooooo boring.

  3. I got scolded with love for doing human stuff. I am not in a coma. I can walk and talk. I have had this surgery before. I know my limits.
    Sometimes you want people to say, ya! Your doing great. Not...hey now, get back in bed and don't move a muscle.