Sunday, June 21, 2015

Dads, Summer, Rain, and Free HBO

*243* <----I think.

  We had a ton of rain last night into mid morning from the remnants of a tropical storm. Let's just say I am not in the best of moods today. At least the rain stopped and it is cooler. Humid but cool. Since I am feeling so funky fresh, I decided to d/l the blogger app to the iPad. That way on days like today, I can not only say Hey in my pjs but also while lying down with the dog, butt to butt. She is a weirdo, I tell you. My laptop is starting to slow down so that will probably die soon anyway and I can replace so I will use my trusty iPad that I won in a contest. Yes...I enter contests. Don't judge. :)

  Today is the longest day of the year, Summer Solstice. Too bad it is not gorgeous here but that is okay. The plan had been to have grilled food outside while the Man sat in our newly acquired Adirondack chairs. Two for $20. Our back yard neighbor sold his house. The Man tightened the screws on them yesterday. They are like brand new. I always wanted those type of chairs but could never justify the expense. $10 a piece is just my cup of tea.  So we will cook meatloaf with mashed potatoes and a veg for his dinner. I am kinda supposed to make a dessert but there is no butter and this is broke week until Wednesday so we will have to make due. 

  I went for my post op appointment on Friday. My two friends, A and D, took me. We had a nice ladies day out. Except for the whole doctor visit. My appointment was early and I got right in to see him. I will start with the positive things. My incision has healed nicely. The scar will become less prominent over time. My ear drums in both ears look really good. The pain I am experiencing on side of my head is the product of the surgery. They had to move a muscle to the side while they were in there. That pain will come and go but won't last for very long. Good.
  Then we get to the gross shit. 
I do have Superior Semicircle dehesince aka SSCD or SSD. I have it on both sides of my head but my left side is giving me issues. I have developed a symptom called autophony.  Basically I can hear things I shouldn't in my left ear. I can hear my breathing, chewing, heartbeat, and my voice can amp up really loud but sound distorted. Outside noises can be very loud. Some noises can make me cover my ears like when plates clang together or when you drop change in a jar. The reason for this is there is a *third window* in your head from a hole that should be there. It screws up the way sounds travel in your head. 
  I also told him that I think I might still be leaking. Only when I go to the bathroom so far. I am three weeks out so I haven't been too strenuous yet. I will be able to tell once I really get back to my old self. 
Yeah...that is some peachy news huh?
The Dr has a *tell* when he is troubled by something you have said or pertaining to your symptoms. He made that face. He wants me come back end of August to see him. That will be three months since the surgery. If I am still suffering from these symptoms, I have to have a cat scan. He said if the autophony drives me insane or the leak gets worse, call earlier to have a scan sooner. 

How much am I supposed to take? 
Right now I have SSCD with IIH. These are both very rare disorders.  I see the neuro next month. He may say I don't have IIH after all. It might just be mechanical but something is making bust holes out my damn head! It is not like I am secretly a ultimate fighter champion in my off time. 
My SIL said that she wished we could do something for me. Part of me says life utterly sucks..pamper me to forget it even just for a little while. But I am the type that is the giver. I don't like to receive. It would be hard to do that. 

We had a great time after the appointment. I was broke as a match girl but my girls had my back. We went out to eat at this place called Plan B burger bar. I have been before. OMG. The food was amazing, of course. But my stupid skull got in the way. It was really loud in there. All around us you could here people talking. The acoustics in the place put my vestibular issues in over drive. You feel like something bad is gonna happen to you. Like you don't feel faint but could I pass out from too much stimulation? It isn't a panic attack. Your head can't handle all the noise, lights, and movement. It makes you feel truly awful. Like...I gotta get the hell outta here!!! But we were eating. So I kept it to myself. I let them know at the end that I needed to get out of there. Once I got in the car and had my sugar free Sonic slush, I was feeling good again. Well. Good for me. 

So that is what has been going on so far. My brain feels like major crap today but it is weather related. I will be better tomorrow. I will lay here and possibly watch some free HBO. Or not. Lately I like to be in quiet rooms. Quiet car rides. Makes life simpler.

Have a great rest of your Sunday!


  1. Oh yeah. I can no longer swim underwater. I am a meningitis risk for life. And now for sure no plane rides. I have lost a friend over not flying to visit. I guess it was meant to be. Not losing the friend but never getting on a plane.
    Oh, I can figure out all the ins and outs of this app yet so the typos stay for now.

  2. I was right. I feel better today.