Thursday, July 30, 2015


*i dont care*

    It is a hot and muggy Summer day today (and yesterday). I have been sitting around in front of fans in shorts and tank tops. Hubby is making dinner on the grill. I just cannot do it.

I think the evil diamox has messed up my gut. I have been told by my endo to push the fluids today and I will see him tomorrow morning. I have pain on my right side like when I had my liver troubles. It is a constant nag that has gotten worse over the days. I get sharp pains, nauseated, gassy, and just feel ill. TMI!! I have no trouble with #2 but afterward I feel like I still have to go but I dont. I have a slight appetite. It could be my liver, my gallbladder, or my pancreas, I reckon. Whatever it is, I aint staying in the hospital. I refuse! Okay..if it is serious I will go. But otherwise I want to just make it go away. So yeah..what do I do if I have to start the diamox again if that is what is messing with my gut. There is only one other pill. If that doesnt work.....
Yeah..nothing positive to say.  I will post what happens in the comments. I wish to be happy again.

 The heat is not helping at all.  

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  1. Deep muscle strain. *breathing ouchy sigh of relief*. I have to take a short course of Advil (3 pills 3x a day) and a heating pad. I never realized it could be that painful to make you think it is your organs