Saturday, July 18, 2015

Come on! Let's twist again. Like we did last Summer.


Everyone is still sleeping on this juicy looking Saturday morning. Kid #1 is on a work thing out in the Midwest. She comes home tomorrow night. I got little Lu bugging the shit outta me to make room on the couch for her....there. Now she shut up. Ha! I see that it is going to get super hot for the next few days. Us poor folks cannot afford to purchase the 10k btu AC that we need for the downstairs. I am guessing I will be sweating the weight off this coming week. Isn't that loverly? Somebody needs to teach this Bitty how to coupon, how to just turn off the cable without listening to the whiners, and sock money away for winter. is raining out. That is the ending of our cool snap. 

  Tonight I am going to a dance. Yup. Our high school throws a Alumni Dance every year at the banquet hall at the beach.  I am sort of kind or dressing up. I have a white and red cotton dress with a formed bodice and a flowing skirt. Reminds you of the 1950s. I bought cute red flats and a red .....brain is not tiny sweater that covers your arms. ?SHRUG? I was almost successful getting rid of my farmers tan but it is still noticeable to me, so I will feel more comfy if they are covered. I know. I am weird.  Hubs never likes dances or big gatherings like that. He has issues with noise too (migraines) so an old friend from high school that I talk to on a regular is picking me up for us to go. I was able to get a whole bunch of people from high school to go. Tonight is gonna be a hoot. 
Hopefully they can get a flattering photo of me. I dislike getting pics taken. 
 My only issue is make up. I don't wear it anymore. But I feel I should wear some because I am all dolled up with a naked face. I will do some tinted lotion, eye liner, fill in eyebrows, and lipstick. Maybe a smidge of eye shadow. We shall see. 

  Yeah, I really need help with couponing. We do a lot of whole foods but there are some things we need (laundry detergent, dish soap, shit paper) that could use a coupon to go with. It just overwhelms me. Remembering to get up to buy the papers to get the coupon inserts. The books and plastic sheets to put the coupons in. Going to websites to compare when certain coupons are usable with store sales.  It is like homework. Look. I don't want to be one of those assholes that buy every single box of Gushers cause I could get them for 5cents each. I just want more food for my money so I can afford to buy more whole foods that don't have coupons. 
 But it seems like I will have to teach myself cause there are no local classes (I checked).

I still haven't made the jam. I guess that won't be happening soon cause of the hot sticky weather that is coming. Yuck. 
Okay, so I am going to clean the kitchen for them, primo myself for the dance, and hope to hell I don't feel like donkey shit later. I will go regardless. 

I am not letting my body ruin this night. 

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