Saturday, June 1, 2013

Welcome June! Welcome Summer!


  Kinda warm here today in ole CT. I am not in the complaining stage today. Yesterday I was. I had errands to run and my body temp was up there and it took a cool bath to get me straight. Damn fluffy ass does not like when it goes above 75 deg F.  I was always like this, even when I was thin. Big sweaty mess. I have to apologize sometimes so people do not think I have heat stroke.
Pounds are lost when you sweat like a pig. :)
   Fred is off doing some stuff but when he comes back, he is gonna put the AC in the living room window. YES! It is a heavy one and it is a two person job. He is good at anchoring it in the window too. I think I want to have one of those window air conditioner anchor things that attach to the side of the house. Then all he would have to do is slide it in the window and all is good. Today is house cleaning day for me, as per usual. I am feeling good today so I will get much done. Even in the heat. I am finishing up my last cup of java here.

  Life has been boring but that is a good thing. Health is okay so far, Hubs does not have to worry about lay offs for the future, and our family economy has gotten a little better. It is not anywhere near perfect but it is better than it has been last year. Last year was one big clusterfuck of stress. So far, life is better. I want to be able to say good, but that will take a bit of time. . We are  thinking ahead to Christmas surprisingly. Last year Christmas was not even in our radar because there was no money.
 So there are positive things on the horizon and I hope it stays that way.
   I am going to clean the kitchen, clean the downstairs and maybe upstairs bathroom, sweep, and dust a bit. Hubs is home so we might have some food on the grill for dinner.

Boring post but boring posts mean my life is doing well.

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