Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Itchy Scratchy


  Something has been giving me an all over itch. I was just dealing with it for the past two days and today I decided to take a Zyrtec and see what happens. The itch went away. So something is giving me an allergic reaction. Probably the pollen. The counts have been high.
 What has been going on? I bought a bunch of veggie plants for the yard and the garden this past weekend. Today I finished tilling the garden bed on the side of the house and planted tomatoes, Japanese eggplants, and cucumbers. I have jalapenos, black bell peppers, watermelons, cherry tomatoes, and some annual flowers. I need to buy some soil to get those going too. The watermelons are a crap shoot. I think they will die and never grow but I have to give it a try.
  It is nicer here and not as cold as it used to be. Nights are still cool and great for sleeping. Just a weird season we are having.

  I pulled out all of my summer clothes from last year. I am able to fit into two pairs of capris that did not fit at all before. I also have some pants that used to be snug, that fit wonderfully now. I think I am liking this new eating and getting more active in my life. I am still afraid to walk yet. One day I will just do it but not yet. Still afraid I will hurt my feet.
I have some yoga dvds that I am going to pull out today and give them a try tomorrow. That is if I am not scratching my skin off.

  I have a dilemma. For the past week, I have woken up twice with fluid running out of my nose again. Last night was the 2nd time. I do not have a cold or any post nasal drip. I am worried that I have a hole in my head or the work the Dr did on my mastoid opened up. Should I do a wait and see? Or should I call to make an appointment asap?
 I think I do not want to go through the surgery again. That is why. Ugh. If anyone gives me some advice, I will truly think it through.

I am so lazy today. I do not even want to cook dinner. I did laundry, planted, vacuumed the living room, and that is about it. I could do so much more but I am not feeling it. I think I will get in my jammies and just relax.

 I will make sure to take pictures of the veggies as they grow!


  1. I hope you called the doctor, thats nothing to play with! Did you call? What did they say?

  2. No, I have not called. I think I am afraid that if I call, they will find that I sprung another leak and I will have to have surgery again. I do not want that. It is still going on.
    Do not fret. I will call eventually. I am waiting to see if the allergy season has anything to do with it....even though I do not have a running or stuffy nose during the day.