Wednesday, May 1, 2013

No potato chips in the shopping cart


Wheat bread! Fish! Chicken! Not a junk food in sight!!

 We did decide to buy the large bag of pretzel sticks. It fills my large cookie jar. I do not feel about pretzels the way I do about other snacks. So I can have them around and just eat a little when I need something in between meals. I am serious when I said I was doing this. Natalie and I went shopping. We bought fruits, vegs, nuts, fish, chicken, some chorizo which was uber cheap on sale (we like to eat with eggs), 2 packages of 18 eggs, and other stuff. Everything for snacking and eating that is healthy.  I also replaced my whey protein drink for breakfast every morning. I have eggs hard boiling on the stove. I have to cut up celery to store in a water container for snacks. We have nuts and dried fruits. She and I did a really good job shopping.
 Ate a healthy lunch and dinner is going to be a rotisserie chicken, baked sweet potatoes, and corn on the cob. Probably a salad too.

  As I said before, I will post my weight changes on Mondays. And I will start moving my ass tomorrow. I am going to try out the Zumba on our Wii.  That should be interesting.

 Oh yeah, no more diet soda either. I have been banned from it.


  1. You will sweat and say what they fuck are they doing....a lot. lol

  2. I have been so good! Except for dinner. I went out with my friend and we both had fish and chips...french fries. I just wanted them. Fuck it. I said in my head. But I have been doing good otherwise.

    This health thing might actually become a thing with me. eh!