Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What in the hell

As fattening as they are, those look tasty


  I change my eating habits and I gain 2 lbs. That sucks rocks. I was expecting to see some lowering of the scale. I definitely have not been eating any of the stuff in the picture. Keep on keeping on I guess.
  My movement uptake has improved. Yesterday was a busy day. I have my morning shit to do then I helped Chelsea clean out the garden beds and add a whole wheelbarrow`s full of compost to top them off. That required slinging a shovel. We were one of the last beds to be cleaned out. They emailed us to basically clean it or lose it. It has been *so not feeling it *kind of Spring planting weather because it has been cold so many of us at the garden waited.  But it is all cleaned out now. She planted her herbs and lettuce. I will plant two tomato plants in the other bed for her and the rest of the space is for her and her friend to use all season. I will come and water for them in the summer. You need to do that every single day when it is hot out.
 On Sunday, I cleaned out the entire front yard. bagged about 6 bags and they all went to the dump. I even dug up this pesky thorny rose weed that I have been just dealing with for years. I have to finish up the small side area where the oil pipe is (that is where they put the oil into the house). I did much other there but there are alot of baby trees I need to pull up.

  Technically, I have not been exercising but I have been doing alot of shit. Loads of laundry up and down the stairs. Cleaning house and such. I am doing more than I used to do so it should show something but it  has not yet. That is okay. I will keep it up.

I hate the blue color sample that I chose for the kitchen. I have decided it is too dark. I want this room to be blue but not that one. My kid`s friend suggested that I paint all the walls white. I explained to him that I lived in apartment`s my entire life until we bought this house 15 years ago. Even as a child. And they all had white walls. I decided that I was not going to have one white colored wall in my house as long as I was living.  Now, when it comes time to sell, we will paint all the walls white. Better for selling. But not now. Hell to the no. So it is back to the drawing board on that color. I like the gray that I picked for the living room. Next time I have some extra cash, I am going to buy the paint in that color and get moving on it.

 As for what am I going to do today. I think I will finish the side yard stuff and bag it, clean the messy assed kitchen, TRY and tackle this massive amount of clothing that has been left near the front door of the basement, and clean the living room. I also have four basil plants that I am going to put in the big pot out front. I hope they grow massive!
Yup, it is lazy children week here at my homestead. Like I do not have enough to fucking do. I definitely want to get the yard work done before tomorrow. Going to finally rain here for the next couple of days.

 Hope you have a nice week ahead. I know I will try!

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