Sunday, May 19, 2013

Dog Days of Spring


   They have not started to itch yet, thank goodness. I have not seen one flea. I am glad for the cooler weather for that, at least. Unfortunately, My allergies are bad this year. I have been taking Zyrtec religiously every morning  but it is just making me functional at best.The lilac by the front porch is winning. But I love it. I love the smell but it does not love me. I planted it for my Mother`s memory. We had a couple lilac bushes on the side of the house that we shared with the neighbor next door. He did not care if we picked them and when he died, the place stayed vacant for a couple seasons. Fast forward to when we got the current owner. She and her Mother did not care that they were on the border. They cut them down. Really for no reason because they never did anything to that part of the  yard. She never did anything garden wise to the yard. I think they were just being bitches, because I wanted them to just leave them because they smelled nice. . Before that deed happened, I was able to get one season out...When my Mother died. We had everyone come over to my house after the funeral and I had picked every single flower off both bushes. I had two large bouquets in my twin green vases. Everyone loved it. I did it because I knew she loved them. Hence, that is why I planted my own in my own yard that no one else could control...except my allergies! Ha!
 I suffer now but I will be okay in a week or two.

   I started this post yesterday (Saturday) but I got distracted. Hubs was doing weed whacking and needed me to tell him what not to whack. Then I had to transplant the basil in different pots. It seems that the metal tub I have out front does not drain well enough. I hope they do not die. I have six plants and I want them all to get nice and big. I planted them in old floor plant pots. Two in each pot. They have plenty of room.  Next weekend I will buy my tomato and pepper plants. The kid needs me to buy her some for the community garden because she has to work the book sale . She and her friend are working the community garden plots this year. I just was not feeling it about going there every day in the summer. I could just plant stuff at home.

     I won $12 off the Mega Millions on Friday. I won jack squat off the Powerball last night. Oh well, no fancy vacations away to Fiji for me.   Today, I am going to attempt to put the $7 grill together. If you do not know what I am talking about, let me explain. Maybe 2 winters ago..or 3, I went to Home Depot to buy a new shovel. I think it was in February and ours had broken. Anyway, they had a display out front of a bunch of charcoal grills for clearance. $7 a piece. Now they were nothing fancy like Charbroil but it was the steal of the century. It is still not put together. I now know why. It was my head thing. I just wasnt able to read the instructions and comprehend. Hubs tried but got frustrated right off the bat. So it sat in the box for 2-3 years. Instructions and all. So I brought it up yesterday. I am going to attempt to put it together today. I will have to do it inside instead of the patio like I planned, cause it is raining.
Wish me luck! Hope I can do it. I will take a picture if I did.

Enjoy your Sunday

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