Monday, May 20, 2013

Grill is built!

Aussie brand charcoal grill

 She is built! I started her off with the wheels that were a pain in the ass 3 years ago. After that, Hubs came in and helped because some of the work was a two man job. We will christen her this weekend with BBQ rib tips and chicken. Yummy!

 I wanted to tell you about two new apps that I added to my phone. One is called MyFitnessPal and it helps you track your daily exercise and food. You tell it how much you want to lose and it will tell you how many calories you need to consume and burn. Plus water consumption. I started it yesterday. Pretty cool. You can add friends from Facebook so you can track theirs and they can track yours.
  Then I added another app called Sworkit. It is a circuit training app. You want to do some abdominals in 5 minutes. It will give you an exercise, actually has a video to show you what to do, and then it times you while you do it. Nice, huh? I will be trying that one out. I thought I would share. Maybe you all would like to try them too. They are free to download.

I am gonna get off now. I am in a cleaning jag and I know it will die down soon and then I will be Mrs Lump. So have a great week.

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