Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother`s Day 2013


Happy Mother`s Day to all the moms out there!! 

If you want to stay warm and fuzzy from your high of being loved by your not read further. It will burst your bubble and I do not want to do that. I am just venting because I do not have anyone else to vent to. (yes, hubs but he has heard enough) So I vent to myself on here. It is cathartic really. Some may say pathetic but fuck you to you, you narrow assed hick. <--nobody in particular. 

  I am guessing one of two things. 
Either someone told my children about my blog posts OR they really do not like me. Ever since MD, they have both been shunning me. Oh and if I ask them a question or statement, I get short, curt answers that hurt my feelings.
I am not going to ask. So the feeling of this weekend get to continue on. IF one of their friends told them, Thank you very much. Now I have no place to open up about my feelings that is free to me. I might as well just curl up into a fucking ball now cause I am such a bad parent.


  1. they live in your house, they should have enough decency to speak to you without hurting your feelings! Snap on their asses! If somebody told them, I hope they read the comments and tell them what I say too! They should be adults and be able to talk if they have something on their minds, if not, get out, get your own place and make someone else miserable!

  2. Well, one of them is leaving in the Fall. The other one needs to snap out of it.

    I really did just change after this one. The oldest called me yesterday to see if we had nyquil, which we do not. It was 11pm at night. The youngest volunteered me to go to Walmart since it was open 24 hrs. I ignored them both and went home. (taking hubby home from work).
    She is sick. She needs supplies to get better. I stuck my hand out for money. She had shocked look and youngest was pissed.
    Appreciate me or figure it out on your own

    Thanks for the love Trish