Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The year of improvements!


  The last loan we took out for home improvements is almost paid off so we are planning on doing another loan this summer. We already miss the money so might as well continue the trend and get some much needed stuff done.
  Last time we did major stuff when we fixed the furnace, replaced the roof, and the porch. Now we want some cosmetics done. We also need to replace things that need replacing. It seems like everything is falling apart around us. There are a couple plumbing jobs, carpentry jobs outside of the house, new floors on the first floor, new fridge, replace the ancient dishwasher, paint some rooms different colors, and replace furniture with newer to us.
 The washing machine JUST shit the bed this weekend. Hubs is getting pissed. I told him to relax. We will have the money to replace or repair it and everything will be fine.

The money will only be spent on what we need minus dinner out for the two of us. hehehe

All new towels, sheets, comforters, and pillows are on the top of my list after they fix the plumbing problems and the floors. We also need things like the furnace cleaned, new tires for the Jeep, over haul on the Nissan..stuff like that. Nat needs a new dresser..so we will scour yard sales over the summer to find one. I want to redo as much as I can. I am tired of being embarrassed about my home because of the floors. I want to be proud.
IF we get enough, and that is a big IF..we would also like to have the outside of the house painted. Crossing fingers that hubs knows people.

Wish I could afford a new kitchen.

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