Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Full Moon and Menopausal


  I am feeling that the full moon and menopause are my enemy today. I feel like scratching somebodies eyes out for no darn reason. Okay there are reasons but I should just be able to get over it. I think it is just a combination of things that are making me feel mean and hermity. If I had it MY way, I would order pizza for dinner and stay in bed watching Netflix all day.
 The pipes under the kitchen sink got clogged with grease by someone that is not ME. We unclogged it but have to replace a couple pieces so the sink is non functional until tomorrow. We had to replace the starter on the Nissan this past week. The charger is not working on the kid`s work computer and their non profit does not have it in the budget and she is whining at me. I have to pay car taxes. I need a hair cut and my eyebrows threaded...badly. I cannot even afford some Calgon to take me away!
 I did fill two paper garden bags with leaves from the front yard. My strawberries are looking good. I am going to transplant them in the Fall into their own circle garden bed. Just one of my ideas for around here. That was a little bit of exercise and mind wandering while I was out there. Keeps my mind off of real life shit.

I want to go shopping and not for groceries!!

  I wish I could go get my hair colored and cut by a professional. Not Cost Cutters. Mani and pedi too. Go to the mall and buy new shoes, new bag, and a new spring outfit. Come home, take a nap. Then get up and go out with Fred to dinner and casino or a movie.
I want to be able to financially do it and not feel a smidge guilty about it. Oh and I want four new bed pillows please!

A girl can dream....

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