Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Goodbye, sweet food of youth

Tomorrow is May Day
*263* <----official from the Dr`s office scale

 My A1C from the last time I was at the Dr office was 9. That is bad! Very bad. I had the blood test done again this morning so hopefully it will be much better.
 I have been bitching and moaning for so long about losing weight but never doing anything about it. After my appointment today, I realize that I have to so that I can live longer with less suffering.

 I am not going to worry about the exercising right now, as I have been told. He said the yard work that I am doing is good. Since my calf has been bothering me, I need to ease into exercise at first by upping my daily movement.
 Today for lunch, I had nothing because I am stupid and coffee was about it. For lunch (after appointment), I had a 3 egg omelet with onion, chorizo, and American cheese with a sliced tomato on the side. I am defrosting boneless chicken for dinner. I have no idea what I am going to do with it at all.
 I can feel the eyes rolling from a couple certain bitches out there. If you cannot be supportive, go stalk somebody else`s page, heifer.

  Going to eat small amounts of carbs, lots of fruits and veggies, meat and dairy are good. Eggs will save me! And lots of water and sugar free beverages. No pizzas, fries, chips, candy, cakes, ice cream...anything with sugar is a NO.  One of my friends added me to some group that is all about sharing ideas, exercises, and the like. I am just reading right now. I am not ready for any tear inducing Ab challenges. If I can take a daily walk without dying, I will be good.

This is all I am going to say about this today. I am letting it sink in. So far my sugars are in the normal range. I think that is how I will steer this. Normal sugars mean feeling better and not falling apart.

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