Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spring Cleaning in my coat

One of my maple trees..Spring Buds


It is flipping cold out there today!
  I have a busy Sunday ahead of me. I am going to do some yard work that will not kill me and I am going to take my first walk of the season with Fred this evening around 6pm. Sun will still be out but it will be nice.
  I took the dogs out as per usual this morning and I started to trim bushes in the yard that I had not done previously this year yet. Over the years I have forgotten names of things and it is embarrassing because i used to be so good at that. I have a lilac bush, a hydrangea, two azaleas, two rose of sharon (i have a couple babies growing in other places to fill in spots), and a large butterfly weed.
 I have really neglected my yard over the past couple years because I just have not felt very well. I have a lot of catching up to do. Today I am going to trim all the bushes except for the lilac and the azaleas. They both have to wait until after they have bloomed. I want to get some sort of order going in my life and that yard is the perfect place to start. Once we get the loan for the home improvements, I will be too busy on the inside to think about the outside. This year, I am going to plant some tomatoes and some herbs..definitely basil. Low key on the veggie growing this year because I will be busy. I do not want to neglect my plants anymore. So today I am going to change into some warm clothes and I am going to trim bushes and rake the rest of the crap in the front yard. I will have my trusty pain in the ass dog, Ruby by my side.
 Fred has been walking the bridge with his friend every Sunday. I am not ready for that much of a haul so we are going to start slow with our old mile walk in the neighborhood. Doing it in the evening and starting now before it gets hot. I want to be a bit conditioned before than. Let`s hope and pray that I do not fuck up my feet again!

I hope you have a nice Sunday and that it is full of sunshine and warm breezes.

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