Saturday, April 6, 2013

Tired is as tired does

This is me..working her ass off to keep it clean

    I have been doing so much lately around here that I am must plain tired. Spring cleaning and organizing can get a girl the case of the Zzzzz`s. After I am done here, I may or may not take a nap. That is up for consideration.

 What to talk about?? Hmm

   I have finally decided on the color theme for the living room. The walls are going to be gray but I have not decided on the shade. I also want white trim, accents of black and a turquoise blue. I am going to go to Lowe`s and pick up some of those sample paints and try to decide what to do.
 I am going to take all the pictures down off the walls. I want to change up a couple of the posters. I love reproductions of French advertising. I want the tealy turquoise look in there somehow. I do not know. I will figure it out. LOL I want new shades on the windows and accent drapes in black. There will be new flooring, new to us living room furniture, and a nice round rug in there. We are going to donate all the furniture in the house that we do not want to a charity that will come and pick it up. But first I need to start with the paint!  The kitchen will be blue but I have not figured out the other colors, so I am going to stick with my ideas with the livingroom for now. 

  I found a old handbag at salvation army yesterday. It is a small black purse with gold snap and small handle, with a bakelite accent and it is lined with the name Paray. From what I can gather online, that is an old name from the 40s. I paid $2.99 for it. I need a smaller wallet though. That is on my radar. My wallet clasp wont stay closed so this will give me a reason to buy a smaller bag. I love old bags like what my Mother would have used. Pretty snazzy!

  Okay, yeah. My ass is tired. I am going to go lay down on the couch and watch some tv. Hopefully that will revive  me. I do not want this to be a wasted Saturday.

Have a good weekend and hope all is well.

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