Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday 2013

 *263*<---did it today instead of tomorrow

Good Afternoon and Happy Easter!

  Hubs and I woke up at around 11am this morning. So we are NOT having a nice dinner at noon. More like later in the afternoon supper. I just did not want to get out of bed this morning. I figured out that even eating a handful of M&Ms would ruin me for the rest of the night sleeping. So I am sad to say that chocolate has to be out of my life unless it is really important. I was guilted into buying the Easter baskets this year. I did not buy anything. Then there was an argument, pleads of chocolate, THIS WILL BE THE LAST YEAR!!..So on Good Friday I bought two small baskets, filled them with candy, 99c spring colored nail polish, and shoved them in their rooms in the middle of the night this morning.

This is our ham. Aint she a beaut? She is waiting for her dress.
I found out just now that someone used the brown sugar and did not put it in a ziploc bag afterward. Hard useless block. Fred could not find any black pepper corns. Fortunately, the grocery store is open till 2pm today. He is off to get those two ingredients. So I am in limbo at this point and thought I would do my blog post. We are having this ham and a six lb turkey breast. I wanted my damn turkey dinner and I was not going to be stopped. Then these three complained that they did not like turkey, what were they going to eat. You know, they take my ass for granted, I know they do and I am an all day sucker. On Friday..oh all days, I bought this ham for $11. Not a bad price.
And I finally pinned down what we are having for our dinner today. Ham and Turkey Breast, small casserole of baked mac and cheese, small casserole of sausage stuffing, garlic mashed potatoes, small container of potato salad (goes with the ham), asparagus, roasted brussel sprouts, brown gravy, and a pugliese loaf of artisan bread. It is much food for all of us but we are making small dishes and we will all eat it for the next couple days. I will enjoy turkey sandwiches and then I will make a nice soup with the leftover ham.
 The dogs are barking. Must mean the man is back with my sugar.

That means I need to go for now. All is well. Spring has finally sprung! The crocuses are in bloom all over the place. I am feeling the way that I am feeling but I am good. Going to start walking on Monday or Tuesday. I think I will be doing it alone but that is okay. Some people dont want to walk with short people. LOL
I hope you are having a great Sunday whether you are celebrating the holiday or it is just too damn gorgeous out to stay inside.

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