Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Joyful, I am!

*264*<------Yes. I am back at it again.

   I am sorry. It has been a few days. I have been otherwise occupied. But here I am and I will make it a big post.
    I am going to post my weight again because I am back at this mess of losing weight again. I will weigh in every Monday. I had said to everyone that would listen that if I did not have cancer, I was done fucking around. Now is the time to work on this body. I have lost some inches from not being able to eat so I should continue the trend. I want to say this once (unless at another time it becomes resolved) that I am still in pain in my right side like it is my gallbladder. All the time. Every hour of every day. Hurts worse when I eat fats of any kind. My constipation has gotten better since I started drinking the protein drinks. I am not going to take the pill that was prescribed for my constipation. I do not want another prescription. I can drink Milk of Magnesia instead. I am saying this because even though I wont mention it again, you will know it is an ongoing saga of my gut. I am going to tell my GP in April about what my next steps should be since my GP must be the idiot of the group. He actually told me that my pain was probably skeletal or muscular. He wanted to get me off the phone basically. Douche Nozzle. I will try someone else.
  So I started drinking a chocolate whey protein shake every day for breakfast. I drink 16 oz of it with either soy or rice milk. Those are less fattening. Whey protein shakes can be used for weight gain as in for weight lifters or for weight loss as in fatties like me. Oh! I had to put a pair of jeans away!! They are too big for me to wear anymore. Woot! Anyway. The drinking of this everyday is two fold. It will help me lose weight, and my first meal of the day is liquid. It does not hurt me and it has my bowels starting to move better than before. I am going to start walking but I have a ton of yard work to do first. I was raking this morning when I was out with the dogs. Nice yard work weather. Not too warm, not too cold. Just right. After I drop the big kid off at work, I am going to get a couple beds raked. Our town is not picking up leaf bags anymore so i will throw them up in the top yard to decompose.
  I am very happy today. Rainbow has decided to move back here. He is uber unhappy where he is. He was so indecisive about coming to live with us because of the space issue. When I told him that Big kid was moving to California in the Fall, that totally decided for him. He can have her room or the kids can switch, whatever. He will be here in three weeks. In the mean time, I am going to buy one of the Serta roll away beds. Not the crappy ones. One of the nice ones. I used to have to sleep on one at one point in my childhood, so I know they can be comfortable. Short story...both my brother and sister had to come back home to live for a bit because of lost jobs. I had to sleep on a roll away bed because there was not enough room at the time. I think I slept on that bed for a year. It wasn't bad and it was not a bad memory for me at all.  So he will live in the living room until September and then he will get a room upstairs. He will work and save his money so that he can go out on his own. He is kind of kick starting the other kid into working too. So I am Joyful! All my kids are growing and moving on..kinda sorta.
 Easter is in a few days. I have a turkey breast for the protein. The girls are pissed. Makes me think I should go out an buy a small ham too. Make some potato salad and shrimp salad. I do not know.

    Yeah, I am going to work on the losing weight thing again. My food intake is limited because of whatever is wrong with my gut. I just need to lay off any junk food now. Because it is bad for me and it is making my sugars bad. I cannot eat candy, cookies, chips, or any of that good stuff because of my diabetes but also because of my delayed digestion thing. The food sits in there too long and I am fighting blood sugars that I shouldn't have to fight. Meaning, I put in my insulin. It should lower my blood sugar. But it doesn't. Because the Lay`s potato chips are sitting in my colon and consistently raising the sugars again. Boring!! I know....

That is it. That is all that is going on. I have yard work to do and I have spring cleaning to do and I have to start tossing shit that I do not need anymore. Books need to be packed in totes. All this clutter drives me a little bat shit. I love my oldest child to pieces but I cannot wait for her to go. She is the major clutter bug/messy marvin in this house. It will be a relief to not have to pick up after another person every single day.

I will be back on or before Easter probably freaking out over what is for dinner.
Have a nice day!

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