Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Last Day of Winter


After a dreary morning, a bit of snow, and a ton of rain...the sun has finally come out. Love the sun! The last day of Winter would be a fucking bitch, right? I want to start working in the yard without having to wear a winter coat and gloves. Ahh! The sun. :)

  I bought a small turkey breast for Easter. I want turkey dinner and we had decided no more hams after the one we had for Christmas. It is a small turkey though. Very small. I remember being able to get a 10-12 lb breast for like Thanksgiving. The largest I could find was a little over 6lbs and the biggest they were offering was 7lb. Oh well. I will make sure to hoard some leftover slices for myself to have turkey sandwich afterward. I have decided there is going to be garlic mashed potatoes, asparagus, broccoli, sausage stuffing and I think make that shrimp salad that I make with the orzo. Fred and I love that and we eat it for days afterward. I could make a nice vanilla cake and get some ice cream to eat with it.
Oh and deviled eggs for sure!
 This is the first year that I am not making Easter baskets. These girls are 24 and 19. I think I deserve a break from the baskets until I get some grand kids. I do not feel the least bit guilty. I think because I have so much on my mind that I need to just let some shit go. I wish I could let the fucking bills go too. Ha!

  I finally made the Blood Orange Marmalade. I kept working on the oranges every weekend and then freezing the pulp and the skins. I had to add two regular oranges to get the amount that I needed to can them. It is a really beautiful color. I was able to get 10 of these half pints. I am treating them like actual gold. You have to be special as hell to get one of these babies! Thought I would let you all know that I eventually did finish them. I just did not have the energy or the want to do it but I had to. I was not going to waste all that money spent on citrus fruit go to waste because the fruit went bad.
Now I have a nice spread for toast.

I am a bit bloated this afternoon. Natalie made burger sliders for lunch. I am waiting for digestion to begin.
It better hurry up cause I have Thai Green Curry chicken to make for dinner.

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