Sunday, March 3, 2013

Squirrel Sunday

 I was awoken every so rudely by the dog barking at the JWs ringing my doorbell so early in the morning. Jeez. Don't they know us already?
 Then I got up and the dog was still barking cause there was a squirrel parade out in the back yard and patio. It is that time of year! The ground is warming up, the sump pump kicks on every so often in the basement, and the squirrels are out there looking for their nuts. They a bunch of hungry heifers. I like squirrels and I do not like squirrels. I probably told the terrifying story of me being challenged by a deranged squirrel in the garage when I went to get my bike when I was a kid. I have gotten over that now. I can appreciate their furry lusciousness.

My friend, Deb has a love/hate with the little bastards. I use every opportunity that I can get to show her the squirrel love. Funny pictures are the best. How can you hate on a rat with a fuzzy tail? Until they invade your house I reckon. Birds and Squirrels are entertaining to me.

   I am stupid but you already knew that...hehehe I wanted to test myself and see what would happen if I did NOT take the laxative like I have been every night. I have been going since I have been taking it and part of me wondered if I was *fixed* and could go on my own.
 Nada. Nope. Nothing.
    Do not worry. I will take it tonight. I just had to see if I could stop taking it. It isn't normal, is it? That someone that had no problem going every single day now can only go with medication. I already know the answer but I was hoping that maybe I was wrong. Twelve more days until testing.
Big kid leaves on her plane trip across country this week for work. Great adventure for her and her group mates. I told her I wanted a small souvenir from SanFran.
    Little kid learned that she has a knack with dogs. She is going to be recommended to learn and be paid to be a groomer. Our groomer is retiring and she wanted to see if kid had the gift. She does apparently but I already knew that. So this could be a path for her to start her adulthood. Not to say it is forever or maybe it is. She is happy and excited.

  Today consists of me taking Big kid around to get supplies for her trip, finishing off sectioning the blood oranges (i did half last night), and making meatloaf and mashed potatoes for dinner tonight.
Exciting life I lead, huh?

Have a nice restful Sunday!

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