Thursday, March 7, 2013

Blowing away in the wind

Milo is waiting for the world to whiz by

Milo and Oliver have been glued to this area for the past two days. We have been having a Nor`easter so to speak and it has been really windy. They are enjoying watching the yard fly by. It is a bit colder too because of it. we were supposed to wake up to snow covering the ground but that did not happen. Then they said we would see snow this afternoon...the sun is out. Then they say that I will wake up to snow tomorrow morning. I hope to hell not! I got shit to do tomorrow. Thank you very much for the New England Winter that you gave us but now it is time to let that shit go. Let us have some sort of Spring this year. Do not jump right into hot weather just yet!

  I have to pick up my two orders (yes I said two) of Girl Scout cookies. There are two people that have little girls selling. I wanted to help them both out with their quotas. So I bought $24 worth from each kid. We each get a box of what we want and the rest goes in the deep freezer. Hopefully we will all forget they are there. Until I have to go digging out a whole chicken, then all bets are off!
 I have a renewed sense of adulthood going on. Extra cash is coming into the house, I have a talk with a financial person and found out I SHOULD have $600 that is not used every month. That is after everything is paid. The only thing not in that budget was allowances for Fred and I. But even so, we both do not need $75 if gas is already paid for. The other thing is I finally did our taxes. I was afraid that I was going to have to owe big like last year. Nope. Only owe a very small amount. Thank goodness. Phew! Huge sigh of relief.  I got some boulders off my back and I ready to start anew.

  Got the call from the hospital yesterday. I am all pre-registered for my procedures. I just have to call the day before to get the time that I must go in. Starting on Tuesday I will start low residue diet and let us hope I can clean out my insides well enough for this scan. I am worried I am gonna need magazines in the bathroom for the amount of shitting that is going to go on. I have one more dose left of the bottle of milk of magnesia. I drank that whole thing in three weeks. I have some help from a friend that had colon cancer. She is a wonderful person and so far she is all clear. I have pain in my stomach still but the back pain has gotten a bit worse. More on the right side, mid and upper. I made pork roast with potatoes for dinner tonight in the crock pot.
I hope I can eat it because it really smells good!

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