Saturday, March 16, 2013

Got Polyp?

I am sorry!!
   I could have posted yesterday but I was way too busy sleeping and eating. Really. I came home and ate lunch and had a large coffee. Then I watched some tv and then went to sleep. I woke up three hours later. We went out to the 24 hour diner and we both had breakfast. All I did all day was drink. Water, soda, what have you. I am sore today but okay. The side of my neck hurts (that happened last time I had a endoscopy), and my stomach hurts. It hurts from the cutting that was done in there.
 They found three polyps in my colon and two polyps in my stomach. Yup.
 I saw the Dr before the procedure but not afterward. He had patients back to back doing exactly what he did to me so I understand. I have to wait one to two weeks for the biopsy results. I already know that I will be having colonoscopies and endoscopies in my future years. If they ever find more than one, you have to be closely monitored every two years. Oh Joy!

Oh! God! I didn't tell the worst part! The Suprep stuff you have to drink to clean out your colon is vile. It is the worst stuff I have ever ingested in my life. It is salty, sweet, hint of fruitiness, and back taste of  metallic. And you cannot just chug-a-lug it. I would have vomited if I did. It was bad and I bitched the whole time I drank it.The whole 16 oz of it.  Afterward, you have to drink 32 oz of water to dilute it as it is going down. Then ten hours later, you have to drink it again!! It works pretty quickly. I am not getting into specifics cause that is gross. But within the hour, shit started grumbling and moving.

  Anyway, I am still in pain right now so I cannot tell you if the removal of the polyps cured my stomach pains. Because I think the polyps were in the area on my right side that hurt all the time. I know that my back does not hurt anymore. But I am going to give it a few days to heal to really see. I hope it did the trick. When I got home, my right upper side hurt like a bitch, so pretty sure that is where he cut.
There is that problem of what are they going to tell me. Were the polyps together in my colon? Was there just a big one in that spot that was cutting off the area for food to move and for me to have pain? That is what is the scary part. The part that I am afraid of. I just want to think happy thoughts. They got the bastards and hopefully the pain I have been dealing with for 3 months is gone. Finito!
 As for the two stomach polyps...I do not know what to think. Hubs had one a couple years ago and it was fine. I am going to be honest. I am scared and I am not scared at the same time.
 I am just going to wait for the one to two weeks and hope all is well.

The little kid is gone on her trip and hubs works this weekend. Just me and the big kid. She is not feeling well so that means it is just me. I have no idea what I am going to eat for dinner or what i am going to do. I am supposed to take it easy today.  Nothing strenuous at all for the weekend they told me. I guess I can sleep, watch movies on Netflix, and making something yummy for dinner. I am in the major mood for Smoked sausage, rice and kidney beans.
Have a great weekend and Happy St Patrick`s Day!

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