Saturday, March 2, 2013

Came in like a lamb

  I was mega busy yesterday so I never was able to post my first day of the month post. So I will do it now. It was really nice out yesterday and made me happy to think of Spring. I have lots of raking to do because I was so sick from the head infection, that I let alot of it just stay where it was. There are poop bombs everywhere too but at least Ruby is a neat pooper. She only goes in the parameters of the yard. No yucky surprises in the middle.
  Remember how I was supposed to make marmalade last weekend? Yeah, well I didnt. LOL The oranges are fine. I am going to do it today. I am feeling rather well and I made a promise and paid money for those fuckers so it is on. If I wait any longer, they will be a bowl of dried up all bitties and they will end up in the trash.
 I eventually got hold of the Gastro scheduler for my endoscopy and colonoscopy. The earliest she could give me was March 15. Which is in two weeks! Again with the two weeks. But I will be nice. She said that after that (and the March 22 visit they had given before) there were no openings at all until June. So I am a lucky bitch they got me in at all. I went in yesterday and signed the release forms so that I am all set..that is my appointment.  I have my Suprep kit here. I talked to an old friend that had colon cancer and she gave me a pep talk and some advice. For any of you contemplating having a colonoscopy, the instructions will tell you to follow a low residue diet for one day, then liquid diet the next day and start drinking the laxative and then you have your procedure the following day. She told me to follow the diet for at least 2-3 days before the liquid. It will help clean out your system better. If you are not clean, they will have a harder time diagnosing.
 I left you for awhile. I picked up the kid from her first taste of being a dog groomer. Our groomer says she has the gift. She knows the manager of a pet chain in town. Crossing fingers she gets training and a job out of it!
  I brought Fred to work so I can pick him up and I picked up lunch from the Latin bakery downtown. I have a beef empanada and two beef tacos. I am guessing this post is done. I have food to attend to.

You have a great weekend and I will too.

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