Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Some good news for a change

  I called the gastro dr today because Fred made me. I hardly slept last night because my stomach hurt and it was waking me up. Plus a couple other things. So he calls back to see what I had to say and he checked on my blood work that I had done. He said everything came back positive. Meaning my liver, pancreas, and gallbladder are all good. Thank the lord. Now we have to figure out why I am plugged up and in pain.
 He looked and said my procedures were scheduled for March 22. I was like WHAT? He said that will not do. You cannot wait that long. He was going to talk to his schedulers to get me in much earlier. I hope it is sooner then the 11th.
 I told him the pain is the still there every single day, food hurts, laxative is working but not as much as would be beneficial.
He listened and I am confident we will find out what the fuck is going on!

Good news makes you feel good.

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  1. I called this early afternoon to find out when my new procedure date was going to be. The chic was not at her desk but it looks like she would be contacting me soon. That was four hours ago and now I assume really HARD that the office is closed now.
    I fucking hate that! I will haunt them in their dreams until they get me a better time to come in.