Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cheese is the work of the Devil

Picture has no correlation to the topic at hand. I was in no mood to search for anything so I used something I already saved. I like it..it stays!

  I feel like utter shit today. This started over the weekend but I really feel just awful today. Pain in back and front and nauseated. I went out yesterday with Fred to run errands and I had gotten sharp pains where the liver/gallbladder is. Did not last long and it wasn't excruciating but it didn't fucking tickle either.  I just bitch about it because I have gotten to the point that the pain is nagging. Before I could kind of ignore it but not anymore. I am tired of feeling this way and being nauseated on top of it, doesn't help. I still have things I have to do on a daily basis so I must soldier on, Mother fuckers!
  I see the Gastro tomorrow bright and early at 9am. I know that it is going to be awhile until this is all figured out. I know that once he sees me, he will suggest blood work and maybe ANOTHER scan of some sort. Then I have to wait for the results. I am going to tell him that I am sick as a dog and do not want to have to wait for months and months to get some relief.
Part of me knows this is my gallbladder...but what if it isnt? What if it is my liver or my pancreas and whatever is wrong is just been festering all this time? I know, fatalist..I need to stop.
I think I am just tired of being in constant pain.

So collectively wish me luck and hopefully I will get some type of answer tomorrow.

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