Monday, February 4, 2013

Tummy Troubles

 I am sorry I have not posted sooner but I had a really suck ass kind of day. I woke up early this morning. No coffee, water, or meds. Got in the cold assed Jeep at made it to the hospital at 6:50am for my 7am HIDA scan on my gallbladder. I am not going to go into specifics because I am not in the mood. The first part of the scan, the pump nuclear isotopes into your iv, you lay flat under a big xray machine for an hour as they watch your liver, gallbladder, and small intestine light up like a Christmas tree. That part of my scan showed normal function of the gb. The next part of the test, the anesthesiologist came in and pumped me with this other drug that purposely makes the gb contract. They want to see your contraction ratio. That part of the test was awful. It hurt me in my gut, I felt like I was gonna puke, and I was forehead glistening. The pain lasted about 10 minutes and I had to lay there for another 20 minutes to finish the scan. That test was inconclusive. Isnt that just ducky? Meaning they cannot say it is or isnt my gallbladder.
 The surgeon says that he is not absolutely positive it is my gb. He wants to make sure it is not something else before he starts pulling body parts out of me. It could be another organ. I am thinking liver or pancreas (jesus christ). So he wants me to go to my gastro dr and they are going to figure out what it is. If it IS my gb then he will remove it. He was very nice and I know where he is coming from. How would you feel if they took your gallbladder and then when you get home and get realize it did not fix the problem? I would be pretty pissed off. Since I hate getting anesthesia and all..I am not jumping the gun.
 I feel like donkey shit. My stomach has hurt all day from the test. I just layed around and did nothing really.
 Oh here is the kicker! My appt with the gastro is in TWO WEEKS! Hahahahahaha
I get to wait a whole two weeks with this shit! Ahahahahahahaha

I had way too many Twizzlers that I will be paying for later but i needed something low fat to chew on. When I get pissed or I need to think, chewing helps as stupid as that sounds. Plus Twizzlers are just faboo.

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