Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Low carb it is!

  After my appointment with the surgeon last night, I decided I needed to be more proactive and stop being a big old crybaby about my food choices. They all know that I cannot control my blood sugars but I am the only one right now that can do something about that. Low carbs. I started today. I was tired of playing peek-a-fucking-boo with the glucose meter. I wanted to once not have to wonder and check every couple hours cause the sugars are off the damn charts. And I am not eating any more in fact much less and I just cant stop the madness.
 I had some 4 slices of turkey rolled up with a T of mayo on the plate for dipping. , green salad, and a pickle for lunch. I checked my blood sugar about an hour ago and it was 120. That is what I like to see.
  It is just going to be very hard. I do not know what to eat that is going to sustain me so that I do not murder people out of hunger.  Tonight I am making sesame chicken, string beans, and rice. I am not going to eat the rice. I am going to substitute for a salad. (no tomatoes).

  I have to admit that I am obsessing over what else it could be besides my gallbladder. Scary notions I tell you.
 Oh! I am all alone this afternoon. Everyone is off doing their own things. I am here with the cats and dogs. I started cleaning then I sat to take a break. I have been puttering around here getting stuff in order. I wish I had more days alone. I kind of like it.

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