Thursday, February 7, 2013

It`s a BLEE-zard!!

 I am sitting here in my comfy clothes. Those consist of sweats, an old Old Navy t-shirt, and my favorite house only cardigan sweater. No constraining qualities at all in this ensemble at all. We are all set for the blizzard. It is weird to look out in the yard and see no snow on the ground. It melts away as soon as it gets here. This snow is going to stay for awhile.
I live near the border of CT and RI. Now this map is old already, I bet. It was saying that we on the coast would get 6-12 inches. Now they think it will be more 15-20 inches. If we get extra sleet/rain, then it will be 15..if not then we will get a buttload. I just looked and the watch has been upgraded to a warning. FUN FUN FUN!!

About 2 years ago, we had a really snowy winter. It just kept coming and then in February we got a bombogenesis. It is like the storm let off a bomb over your area. Worse than a blizzard. That was about a foot or more of snow. I think the rain and sleet will cut it down to about a foot or a foot and a half. Fred and I can handle it. We have special shovels. We discussed last night that we are going to help our neighbor across the street. He is almost 60 years old and lives with his wife, his 30ish daughter and son in law, and two teenage grands (girl and a boy). Not one of them helps him shovel or do any work around the house. This time it will be different. We are going to help because we feel it is just not right.

So Heidi is gonna protein up. I have some left over cold meat balls from early this week. They are mini in sauce. Gonna eat them up because I will need it for tomorrow and Saturday.
If you are in the path of the storm, please be safe. And throw a snowball!

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