Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine`s Day 2013

I hope you are having a great day today whether or not that you have a sweetie to share this day with. I think it is all about the pretty flowers and the boxes of sin...Chocolate!!
 Yesterday I ate a burger and fries because I am a shithead and have not learned my lessons yet. I was in pain yesterday and pain today. Tonight we are taking Chelsea out to dinner for her birthday and I have to try to find something I can eat. We are going to Buffalo Wild Wings. She picked it. She loves their deep fried pickles. Going to be an interesting dinner.
 We have been running around today for her because she is leaving tomorrow for a 4 day trip to her friends house on the Cape. It is kind of her birthday present. She turns 24 yrs old tomorrow. I was a Mom of a 4 yr old and soon to be a Mom of another when I was her age. Times sure have changed.

  I got a card from my honey. We do not usually do anything for these days cause we show our love all year long. I know, makes you wanna gag. It is okay. I love it all the same.

So that is about it. Today has been on the warm side, we got a small amount of snow in the morning, and we are going out to dinner around 6pm. Hopefully it is not crazy busy. How many lovers want to go to a sports place to eat wings on Valentine`s day?
Hopefully not alot!.

Have a great day!

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