Saturday, February 23, 2013

My kingdom for a.....


   Yes, I said it. I am sick and tired of being constipated. Now I am not completely non-functioning in that area but if you eat THIS much food and only poop THIS much food...there is a problem. That colonoscopy aint coming fast enough. I have gotten shall we say worse..the nausea and feeling like I am gonna barf is more prevalent all day. The pain is still there but has spread to other places in my stomach area. Still have the side pain that is original. That never went away. I realized this afternoon that I need to eat way less. I had a turkey sandwich with a cup of cling peaches for lunch. Not a big sandwich at all. Normal size. And my gut feels like it is gonna explode. Tonight we are going to try out his brother`s meat rub on the chicken. I hope I can eat it cause I bet it will be real good.

 I have a plan to make blood orange marmalade tomorrow. I have a huge bag of the oranges that cost me so I am going to do it. A friend wants a couple to give as a gift. No rush but I would like to do it this weekend and get it out of the way. I said I hated making marmalade because of the extra work but it tastes really good. I will do it just because. 
 It is snowing a little bit this afternoon. Supposed to snow more overnight but it is too warm here on the coast so it will be mostly rain. Glad I have no place to go tomorrow.
This post is going no where but to pot..hehehe I got nothing.

Hope you are having a nice Saturday and a great Sunday to come. I am gonna go relax for a bit.

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  1. I would like to add that I also cannot eat much anymore. I noticed this yesterday. I eat to a point that it hurts and I have to stop. Fred will look at e cause i do not eat that much to have that problem.
    I am getting a bit scared that it is cancer.