Monday, February 11, 2013

Foggy head---ache

  Today is a cluster for my head. I am not having a migraine but more of a weather headache. It comes and goes. Hopefully it will be gone when I wake up in the morning. After all that snow we had, today is decidedly different. The high right now is 42 deg F and it rained most of the day. Now it is just plain foggy. The snow is melting away. It wont all disappear anytime soon. We are expected to get another storm on Thursday and some more snow on the weekend. Oh Boy!
 The kid is gonna be mad at me if it is too nasty out to drive in it on Thursday when we go out to celebrate her birthday. She turns 24 yrs this week. She wants to go out to eat on Valentine`s day because she is leaving on her birthday (Friday) to hang out away for the weekend.

As for my gb update. Still in pain, not as much sometimes because I avoid foods that hurt me. I cannot or will not do that all the time. Choices are limited and sometimes i want to say Fuck You to the limits. I see the Gastro next week, thank goodness for that!

Tonight I am breaking the rules and making chicken egg rolls. They are fried. I will be careful and not eat too many. Chelsea made home made tomato soup so I will have some of that for dinner also.

This was a boring post..huh? I just thought I would fill ya in. I will think of something more interesting for next time.

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