Friday, February 1, 2013


*You are a fucking douche. And a dildo for that matter.*  . Fucking asshat

I will leave those up.  I still feel this way about this person and I think I always will. But the rant is gone and I do not want to leave that nastiness up. Some of you know that I have done this before.
I get the rant out..let it air out in the breeze and then I delete it. I have been told once when I did this this, that of course I NEVER EVER do that and I was a liar.  That was a trouble making uppity bitch who said that so we will let her think she is right--------> over there, away from me.
Back to regularly scheduled programming.


  1. Well som bitch...I bet that was a good read!

  2. Yes it was. But I had to let that go. Maybe you will catch the next rant. None anytime soon, I hope!