Thursday, February 21, 2013

Flowers for my garden

  The other day I went to the discount store called Ocean State Job Lot. It is a cool store where you can pick up this or that for not alot of money. I was drawn to the big Burpee seed display. Now before you start on me about Monsanto and the frankfood seeds they make..I know all about it. I do not know if they dip their toes into flowers but at this rate, I do not care. They were 40% off, they are this year`s seeds and I am gonna enjoy them. I hope.

This is Burpee`s annual Candy cane Zinnia (red on white) . Now I am thinking of digging up all the strawberries in the front right side area of the yard and plant them in their own raised bed. I want at least two beds in that area. To surround the beds, I would like some color and I think this zinnia and the next one will give a nice change.

This is Burpee`s annual Zinnia Envy. Look at that beautiful lime green. I love it. I need to vary the colors in my garden. I have alot of purple and yellow. I want something new and this should do the trick. These are only annuals so I will have to replant new seeds every year. Biannuals will grow for a few years and Perennials will grow every year but not all of them. I have had some that died after 5 years so plants and bulbs do have a shelf life. I am all self taught. So I may say some things that are not quite right but they have worked for me.

This is Burpee`s Tithonia Sundance annual variety. It is a daisy like flower that attracts birds and butterflies. I think I want this to be planted in a planter by the back door. I have plans for the back patio. It has been neglected all these years. I want a nice mid priced range patio set, a new grill, some containers with herbs, tall grasses for privacy, and some color. This is the year of Heidi`s patio!
All these seeds cannot be directly sown into the ground or soil until May. Even though I suck at seed starting indoors, I may start these in March/April in the house in big pots to get them started. Making sure to save some just in case I fuck them up. One thing I wont do is grow seeds indoors, if I can help it. I have tried to do it for 15 years and I cant. They always die. They never ever grow. Seeds indoors do not like me.

I am also going to have Fred get a friend to build me the raised beds that I want in my yard. I want three in the front and two on the side front. I know what I want and it will not be hard but I cannot do it and neither can Fred.
They will be good sized with pressure treated wood and I can control the weeds and the type of soil that I use. I did join the community garden this year. I did so because I do not know when my garden beds will be built. But they will be built this season and I will use them from now on.

So I have some positive plans in place for the growing season. I am not going to over do it but I am going to take care of some neglected spaces. I have a bunch of iris that I need to dig up and replant. Which I have never done. I planted them probably 10 years ago. I will read up so I do not fuck them up. I think I will pepper this with gardening stuff for awhile to keep my mind off all the bullshit.

Today is a nice cold 40 deg f in the sunny afternoon. I am still in my jammies. I need to get moving cause the big kid needs to go to work and I promised the little kid I would take her out for a light lunch.
Have a good day!

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