Saturday, June 15, 2013

Father`s Day 2013

THE perfect gift for the Dad in your life.


  Tomorrow is Father`s Day and I figured I would post now because I tend to forget and that would not be cool. It is just going to be me and the old man most of the day. I think that is the way we want it to be. We can sleep in. Have a lazy breakfast. Walk around in our jammies all morning or afternoon. I think that is the best present I could give him. A glimpse into an empty nest. My Dad is long passed away. 30 years this November. That is a long time to be missing your parent. But I am not weepy about it. He is gone and my Mom is gone and I have come to terms with that. Same with Hubs. His grandfather has been gone for many years and I think he has come to terms with that loss too.

  The rains have left us with a little bit of water in the basement. Not a huge amount. It is in the sump pump area. Well, a hole has formed in the plastic piping and it is shooting water all over the place. I could be the Mrs. Fix-it that I am and go down there, dig out the sump pump, take off the piping, cut it, put it back on, put the pump back in the hole, re-adjust, and cross my fingers but I am not in the mood. Ugh!  It needs to be fixed but I am not in the mood to get wet and sit on the floor. But I will do it. I will get sick of going downstairs and adjusting the pump every hour cause it has moved again. Grrr!
  Tonight we are going out for Vietnamese Pho. Nice big bowls of hot steaming beef and noodles. I cannot wait! My mouth and stomach drool in anticipation. That will be our Father`s Day out. Tomorrow we will be lazy and probably I will get him to help me fix the damn pump.

I hope you have a wonderful Father`s day. If you are a Dad or you are with your Dad or you are remembering him.

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