Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer Summer Summertime


   It is finally summer. It is starting to heat up a bit but not heatwave territory. As long as I do not have to turn on the AC THAT much, I am good. Yesterday I finally planted all the cherry tomato plants in pots. I also bought an heirloom tomato and I dug up another heirloom tomato that was not doing well in the ground. This is why I want the raised beds. I can control the food of the soil without breaking my back or the bank. There were a bunch of plants at the community garden up for the taking and the majority of them were sad and close to death. I took one thyme plant that did not look like it was about to kick it. It is on the front porch in a smaller clay pot. I hope it does well like the basil is. Pretty soon my ass will be sweating from canning jams and jellies. I am definitely going to do a peach pineapple and another one I want to try is a pineapple habanero jam. Not super hot but a little hotter than the strawberry jalapeno.
  We have been doing extensive cleaning around here. Like wiping down baseboards and window sills. Lemon scented cleaning. I love it! I am tired of the hiding places of my home being dirty. Time to peel back the layers, suck up the dust bunnies, and wipe it down clean. Now that hubby has been sleeping better, he has more energy. I on the other hand feel like dog shit. Very tired all the time. But that is my life now. I think the summer heat saps me. I would love to go traipsing off to a yard sale binge or picking strawberries or being out in the middle of the state getting some food and just exploring in the Jeep. We have not done that since we got our cat MonsterFace (who has passed). That has to be almost 10 years. There is nothing nicer than a long drive out into the country. You know where you are but you really dont. . That is what I miss. I think I will try to capture some of that this summer. Go drive a half an hour out just to have ice cream and sunflowers. Drive an hour to get locally brewed Birch beer from the birch trees in their backyard.
Yeah..those plans are going to be made.

As for today..My plan is to finish cleaning the kitchen and  making a nice big dinner. We are going to have BBQ ribs, corn on the cob and tater tots. The tots are my compromise because I would rather have potato salad. One day I will get my wish! LOL

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