Sunday, December 1, 2013

Freezing Rain blues


 Ahh! December 1st. 2013 is swiftly coming to a close. We have freezing rain going on out there so I am staying my ass inside the house until it gets warmer. Dark and gloomy for this first day of the month.
 Today I am back on the food wagon. Last night we had pizza as a last hoorah! Big mistake. I feel like shit today. That is my penance for eating it. It took a few tries for me to realize that I cant eat like I used to anymore. NO MORE! Everything will be exactly the same as before. Low carb, low fat, low fat or dairy free, no grease, no junk, no take out, no fast food and all the other stuff that I said no to before. If it is processed, I aint eating it.
 The first week or two will be hard because I will be detoxing and since I am addicted to these things I will have some withdrawl. I did it before, I can do it again.

Computer is a piece of shit. The letter N can be typed by rocking it with my finger. grrr! And the computer is getting slower. We need a replacement. But I am playing chicken with the oldest. She wants me to purchase my Mac now so then she can just take it over and not spend a dime. I want her to buy her own computer first. Then I will buy mine. That way she has NO reason to use the one that I bought.
I can live with this fucking N until the end of my days. <------No I cant but she will cave before believe.
  All these weather ups and downs have been fucking with my sinuses and head. Ugh. Feels like a tension headache but I am guessing it is barometric. My health has been okay. Nothing major. Last month it was 4 years since back surgery and quitting smoking and one year since my mastoidectomy. What a ride that was!
**Now the letter J is giving me troubles. I bought a can of air but it did not help.**

Okay...I need to motor. I have decorating to do and dinner to plan.

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