Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013


 Gobble till you Wobble.
First off, I have a issue with the keyboard. The letter *N* is sticking. I have to rock the key to make it work. So if I  missed a word to fix with auto correct, you know why.

  Today is not Turkey day for us in this household. We were invited to a friends for dinner this year but they have to work today. So we eat tomorrow. I am treating today like any other. We are having chicken wings for our holiday meal and it will be good. I probably cannot eat half the stuff on their menu anyway so I am going to enjoy today`s dinner.  I have not been eating correct anyway but I want to at least give it some effort before December 1st when I am back on the wagon,
 I am going to bake peanut butter cookies and lemon bars today. I have my Italian shrimp salad to make and I have two pies from the bakery. One is bourbon pecan for tomorrow and the other is apple crumb for the family here at the house. I do not feel bad that I did not bake. I just did not feel like it.
 My plans for today are simple. I am going to bake and cook low key for us. I am goig to cover the windows in the living room (way past due) and then we are going to decorate the Christmas tree. I think that is an absolutely lovely plan. Don't you?

Gonna go. Hate fiddling with the letter N.  I must start shopping for a new computer soon.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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