Thursday, November 14, 2013

It`s brick outside


I will give you a little lesson in urban language. When someone says it is brick is as cold as a witches tit outside. Cold as a hibernating bears buttocks outside. It is like January out there! Thankfully, it is going to warm up soon. It is cold out but not as cold as the past couple of days. We even had a smidge of snow. It will be close to 60 deg F on Sunday so we can all stop our whining and get over it. I have leaves to rake and bag and windows to cover very soon.

The walkway and steps are all done. He just has to come back this weekend and fill in the gaps on the sides. This is the pic before he started pouring the cement. (see-ment)

This is when he was all done. We were only allowed to walk on those first sections because they had cured first. We were able to walk to the left of the stairs to go to the car.

Our stairs are fixed and we have a railing!!! You do not even know. I have wanted a railing since the first winter we lived here. Now anyone can use it to get up the stairs without struggling. Yes!
Too much excitement for a railing but it was much needed. He added an extra step because of the way he leveled the walkway. It is good. I was telling Kid number 2 that her little self would have loved this new walkway. Give her a fresh bucket of sidewalk chalk and she would have been in heaven.

  Let me think. What else?
Everyone that I go to the gym with has something wrong with them so they cannot go. One is sick with that virus that is going around. One pulled a muscle in her calf from over doing it. And one fell down some stairs and sprained her ankle. I am all alone out there in gym land. I have no problem going. That is not it. I just get bored and I know if I do not have people to chit chat with, I will cut that shit short. There are tvs to watch so I guess I could do that but still...I like human interaction. We motivate each other. Nobody to motivate me now. Today is my NON GYM day anyway. I do not do Thursdays. I want one day were I can just do what I want or basically catch up on shit.
   I just finished cleaning the downstairs bathroom. That is basically become the girl`s bathroom and for anyone that comes over. It is embarrassing. These girls do not clean a thing so when I get to it, it is awful. I boxed up kid number 1s bathroom stuff. We got rid of the toilet surround cabinet thing because it was Ikea and it was busted. So she had all her stuff on every surface in there. You could not clean. So I took a small cardboard box and put all her hair and face stuff in there and put the box on the floor. I will explain that it is better for now. It is gross for other people to use the bathroom and have to look at her stuff. With opened containers and hairs everywhere. She will brush her hair and then she has her hairs stuck on every damn surface. I love her but she should learn to clean up after herself.
 I have a mini milestone to report. Last Spring, a friend gave me a few clothing items from her stash. Really nice things but all too small for me. They were put away for the warmer months. This past week she gave me another bag of stuff and in there was a red wool coat (length past my butt) and it was from LL Bean. Size 14-16. Too snug for me so I put it in closet. There was the grey wool Lane Bryant coat (same length) from the Spring. I wanted to try it on because of the cold snap. I have that long camel coat I bought for $5 this past Spring but I am not ready for that yet.
The size 14-16 coat fits me! Now, It is a bit snug in the shoulders. Usually when that happens, I will take it off but it was only a bit snug. It buttoned and fits perfectly. Hubs said it looks good. Now..I could never wear a bulky sweater underneath it but that is now.
This is the motivation that I needed. I had been slacking on the healthy eating. This fueled my engine that I can lose weight. I can wear nice things. I can be a size 14-16!  I wish my ass and gut had gotten them memo from the upper body. My bottom half is in Purgatory. We are between sizes. I can wear a size 20 but it is getting too big. I have not found the right pair of size 18 that I can wear without pinching off the gut fat with the zipper. Sucks for sure.

 Otherwise, everything is going fine. We are invited to a friend`s house for Thanksgiving this year. I am thankful for that. And when the weekend comes, I will be in short sleeves again!

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