Friday, November 14, 2014

Is it January 2015 yet?

Fall Damn you!


  My wish is that I would not have to participate in celebrating Christmas. I have a clear plan on what I will purchase. I am getting flack and feedback. The girls want to try to guilt me into doing what they want. It has already started. Kid #1 has a friend that wants to sell a very large (i dont know size) flat screen tv for $400. I am guessing they need the money. I said I dont have the money for it. Kid #2 tried to give us the selling points of the tv. I said that if it is still for sale when I have the money AFTER the holidays, then we will see. They were pissy to say the least.

   The girls (remember 25yr a
nd 21yrs) want to see the nutcracker on stage. It costs $40 each at local theater and $60 each at the casino. Hubs will see if we can get comped(free) tickets at the casino first. But no one wants to help pay for these tickets. It is supposedly on me and hubs. Then they will want dinner out afterwards.    Look, this is the deal: $50 visa gift card, EACH. A gift that equals approx $20, EACH. And the show (maybe). EACH. That is it. They will not be happy and I am learning that is THEIR emotions. Last year when they opened their gifts, they verbally assaulted me about how  some of them were just bad choices. I didnt gift well.
 Rude awake
ning this year, huh? hehehehe

 I have still been reading and planning my spend free year. These couple months are practice. There was a deal on Christmas cookies. I almost bought them. Then I just closed the browser. Yay me!
That is a luxury we ca
nnot afford. I have a list of grocery items. I will go when Kid #2 is at a appointment. That way there is no influencing my purchase decisions. Generic! Sale items! Coupons! Meal plans! I have not done a meal plan yet but I have this weekend to work on it. It will save money cause I will only shop for what I need. 

 As I was readi
ng the blog, And then we saved, I learned that she added a small amount of cash for her and hubby to do something once a month. Go out to dinner. She saved like $30 (i think) but since CT is oh so more expensive, I decided on $50. We could go out to noodle bowl with appetizer. That would make us both happy. But as for pizza and taco bell, and burger king that I paid for (25yr 21 yrs)..that will end Jan 1st. 

I am still in jammies. Gotta change that situation. I am going to go shop at Walmart this morning first and come home to get shit done.

 Have a great weeke

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