Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My Ass is on a Roll

*250* <---heel needs to effin heal!


    I have read a good portion of that blog so far. I have become motivated. I did some things and I will do some more things. I have changed my electric carrier back to the original company starting end of this month. That will save me. I am going to the gym this week to cancel BOTH our memberships and no turning back to that. Why am I paying them almost $600 a year and we dont use it?? Dummy. That is gone. After I put the money in the escrow for the insurance (end of this month), it will lower our mortgage payments by almost $300 a month.

 I also started a s
nowball payment list. With all the wayward bills that I could find. I can pay off that short list in two months! I have other bills but I will dig those up after this stack is paid. I want to be debt free!


Okay, I gotta go. Cold air is coming and I have windows to cover!

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