Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014 *the meal that was`nt*

Two pumpkin and a sweet potato

    My beliefs in saving for the hubs and I were reinforced on Wednesday. Let`s just say some ungrateful things were said by some spoiled as shit dependents towards the Hubs. The Hubs was about to leave at night during a nor`easter to stay somplace else.  I cried like a baby. He stayed. We are done.  I cooked the entire meal myself except for the sweet potato pie up there. Kid #1 made it.  And Hubs and I ate our dinner alone. They ate after we were done. Yup.
Oh and I fell down the icy porch steps with a big bag of garbage. The bag kept it`s integrity. I am so SORE. I will survive though.

 Fuck taking them to the nutcracker. Fuck buying them gift cards to go along with their presents. They will get the meager stuff that I bought. That is it. I could care less about the tree. If they want it, they can put it up. I am ready for this bullshit farce of a holiday with ungrateful children to end. Come on January!

  Today I took myself all the resale sites on FB but one. Just in case I need something in the future, I have that resource. All those locals selling shit is dangerous to my plan.I made it so I wont get notifications either. That is one more part of my plan for the new year.  I want to spend nothing. Pay off bills. And then save.

  If you buy a very large boneless pork roast (LARGE like two arm fulls) for $12, is that a splurge? The roast was not on our list but it was so cheap that we had to!

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