Monday, December 1, 2014

Successfully no no no

*250* <----off the GP tomorrow. Ugh!

     December 1st is upon us. My last month of spending. I have actually been able to say no in such a way that I am not getting back lash or hen pecked. Today I paid the mortgage and a gift for a niece. I have gas money. There IS money in the bank but I wont touch it. I want to get all the major bills paid before I buy the gifts I am planning on getting. I said no! And didnt stumble.

no! no! no!

 Fred did a barter of sorts in my favor. He was able to get this lappy looked at by a geek. He cleaned it up, took away all the crap the girls dont use anymore, told me that I have to get a new wireless router (ours is not good for the thick walled houses of new england) and he can fix my keyboard!! It will be $30 parts and labor and I will have a new keyboard and a letter n. I wont have to paste the damn thing all the time. I do want a new computer but if this one is okay for now, I will keep using it.  That sames me a chunk of cash.

 It has been freakishly warm the past couple of days. We took advantage of it and bagged all the leaves. I noticed as we raked that I was finding piles of feathers. Later on in the day, I found out why. We have a Cooper`s Hawk in our neighborhood. I watched him/her pick apart a bird from the feeders over at the house across the way. This hawk has been busy. I have seen four feather bunches strung about here and there. It is a very cool bird to look at. I hope to get to see this raptor more often over the winter months.

 Have you finished shopping? I have just begun. There will not be alot to purchase but I will make sure everyone gets something nice. I already have our ham so if all else fails, we will have food!

I cannot wait for a new keyboard!!! Longer posts here! *twirling in imaginary floofy skirt*


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