Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Brrrr!!! Literally!

 Our furnace is dead. May she rest in peace. And we are having a nor`easter today! Oh Joy!

nkfully, we have a rider on our insurance that will cover the replacement and labor. We will have to pay a deductible but it is a smidge compared to how much it would cost outright. Fred has a guy who does furnaces with his Dad. He is coming by today to do a diagnostic. The insurance chic said we will definitely be all set before Christmas. So we are cold-ish. We have the portable heaters chugging. I set them low this afternoon to give them a break. We have no hot water. We have a thingamabob that is attached to the furnace that gives us continuous hot water. Until now. I bought a dish pan and I have been boiling water for the dishes. I feel so Colonial! Let`s collectively cross fingers that this shit does not take forever.

I am cold and getting over a stomach bug and just not in mood. Have to calculate how to get the deductible together. Ho Hum

I will talk about this at a later time to give you a update.

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