Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas is coming

That looks warm and cozy

   But Santa aint bringing a furnace. Hubby filled out the paperwork with his job to get help. We will probably get a call tomorrow (Monday). I have to gather estimate paperwork to be faxed. We asked for the furnace to be replaced and fill the oil tank. If we do get their help, the Gofund money will be used for electricity bill that will probably be HUGE. Like $500 huge. If there is any left, I have a person that is having troubles with buying groceries for her and her child. I will anonymously send her a couple grocery store gift cards to get her through the next month.  That way I feel good that I paid it forward. And the people that donated will know that it all went to good causes. Every penny.
If all goes smoothly, I hope to have heat by my birthday, January 6th. We have had warmer temps and upper 50s this week.  As long as it stays above freezing most of the day..we are good.

  I am being positive. And I am STILL going to start my debt diet on January 1st. There is alot of changes coming in the air. My family better hold onto their britches.

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