Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Pot Boiling is a art form

 I got a pot going right now. It is my third today. I finished cleaning the kitchen and pretty soon I will start dinner. I have some pesto pork chops marinating. Our Christmas ham is all defrosted and sitting in the fridge to be dressed tomorrow. I have to cut a diamond pattern, poke cloves all over, and schmear red grapefruit jam all over it. That last part may not sound really good but it glazes the ham sooooo good. It is sweet and tart added to the salty of the ham. It is genius! I have prep work to do tomorrow also. It isnt going to be the best Christmas ever. There are not many presents under the tree (none for hubby and I at all) and we don't have heat but we have each other. The food will be good and so will the company.

  We may hear something from his job about getting help to replace the furnace  for up to two weeks. Yup. <---Sucks!!!!!!!
It has already been two weeks so that will be a month. I hope to God it is sooner. I have relented on having a kerosene heater. A friend of hubby`s is loaning us his. We will clear out the middle of the basement for it to sit. I have read a bit about it. It works for 12 hours when you fill it. That will be good at night. It costs over $5 a gallon. We will use it when it is bitterly cold. Gotta keep those pipes warm!
I am pretty sure the GoFund has stalled. After they take their cut, we will have cash to pay the electric bill. WooHoo! I am grateful for that. Say a prayer for us if you dont mind. I hope we hear something soon. This is WHY I will be on a spending fast for 2015. This should have never been a issue. I will be a adult and say no to my adult children. They dont intend to help us out of this problem of no heat. So why should I coddle them and let them take advantage. This was a real wake up call. More then when the dog got sick. I am done spending our money on them

I am still tired of being perpetually cold but the upside is that I have less hot flashes. hehehe

Merry Christmas everybody!

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