Saturday, November 1, 2014

Leafy Showered Saturday


  It is a dreary first day of November.  It is a good day to get some things done. I brought all the Halloween decorations inside and put up a Fall flag. Those caramels that I made are going to be covered in chocolate. Speaking of chocolate.. a fun sized Kit Kat is a appropriate breakfast, right?

   Hubs and I are going out tonight with a friend to have some Irish grub.  I am a tad mad about it but it was planned without my input so I have to endure the expense. I looked up the menu and all the entrees are $12 or less. So that is good.
 I was planning on today being the first day of my new venture in not over spending. I guess I will do my best and make sure not to drink any beer. I will just chalk it up as a fun loss.

 I have it all planned out. I will buy in bulk. I will try to buy most of my groceries twice a month in large quanities so that I am not back and forth to the store. Home made as much as possible.
I am not posting amounts cause that is mine but I will share how the budget will look.

Oil (intermittent)
Car insurance
Gym (i have to get rid of this)
Cell phones
Medications (that will go UP in January till we meet our deductible)
Co-pays (UP also in January)
Hulu Plus
Water (every 3 months)
Groceries $500 (that is bare minimum w/o coupons)
gas for 2 cars

There is also the fact that he gets a weekly stipend to spend how he wants. I dont get that luxury. We will have to work on that. 

We have discussed Christmas. This year I will purchase a replacement tv for livingroom. Each person will get one nice gift that is not expensive. After that, game on for saving. I will save my ass off. I still have to get a new fridge. Sears has layaway so I might do that to have a new one by the end of December. Crossing fingers.

After I calculate our income minus these bills and sundries..I could possibly save more then $500 a month. If I could cut the grocery bill, that would be even more. Baby steps though. Baby Steps! This will change with the new year. I will have to pay for all our appointments and scripts out of pocket. But once we hit the max on our deductible, it will be easier to save.

My goals are simple. We need new floors that we never got. We need new windows. We need the outside of the house painted. We also need a cushion of financial stability for when shit hits the fan.

I will report back on my progress on the 1st of every month. If I fucked up. I will own up to it. Wish my luck!
Oh yeah..I ate a snickers too.

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