Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Buy nothing year, Getting ready for winter, and feeling JOY

All for $3 each.


   I bought three pumpkins. Two for carving and a warty one that looked cool. We are planning on carving them either today or tomorrow. I will make some pumpkin seeds. I love the smell of roasting seeds.

   I started this post a couple days ago but I was busy. I had a clear idea of what I wa
nted to talk about so I started it for when I was free. So here goes...
  Yesterday was Kid #2`s 21st birthday. We went to Japanese place. She and He (no longer calling the boy cause sounds bad) shared a large Scorpion bowl. We all shared sushi and appetizers. It was nice. Those two went out afterward and were feeling no pain when they got home. They were safe. They have a designated driver.

  I will start with Winter. It is really warm out there today (same as yesterday) but I can feel it coming. Cold weather. Higher electric bills. Me stressing the fuck out.  I am going to start covering the windows this weekend. I will leave one or two undone until it really gets cold. That is how I have always done it. Just in case Winter gets shy.  I have yet to have the furnace cleaned. It has to be done.. I will squeeze it in when I can. 

   That got me thinking when I read this article ,*Buy nothing year*, the other day that someone posted on FB. These two were extreme. I am not making my own soap. I am too lazy for that. I had read a article a few years ago about a middle aged couple from Manhattan who spent money on bills, groceries, major essentials (pharmacy, toilet paper, co-pays), transportation when it was too far to walk and basically that was it. They banked the rest. If something broke, they learned to live without it. 
 Could I do this? I probably could if I was all by myself. I may be able to get Hubs to participate somewhat but he would probably cave here and there. See, I have these adult dependants that rely on me to purchase everything they are too cheap to pay for or dont have the money for.

I wa
nt to do it!

I bet it would be way easier then losing weight. Ha! 

I have already been verbally stating to Hubs that I dont want to do Christmas..anymore. It is all about the presents and I am sick of it. I want to buy each person one thoughtful gift. That is it. A nice sweater. A book that they want. Fancy slippers. You know..normal gifts. I am done with killing myself to make a holiday. 

I want to save to fix up the house. 
I want to declutter!

oh yeah..I read this article *10 ways to decluter your
home (and Life!)* Here is the book. that the article is based on. It gives a whole new approach to cleaning out. You look at things and decide if they give you Joy.  I want the book but I am not spending any money. Let me see if the library has luck there. I cant buy it now but I will put a pin in it. I put it on my wish list.

    This month was just a money pit!  I had to pay for and purchase quite a few things this month. The vet bill, my phone died (got a samsung galaxy for $100), the kid`s bed, fixing his car, the kids birthday. I am fortunate that I was able to do all those things but I now need to rein in the spending.

  This bitch is also learning to be assertive. Give up the passive aggressive stance that I used as a mechanism with these kids. I also have to re-learn how not to be a door mat. And the way people feel should not reflect my feelings. Just cause your mad at me doesnt mean I have to be upset. Those are your feelings. It will take some time but I want to work on this for the future.

Anyway. I have to cut this short. Bringing the Hubs his lunch plus gotta go to the bank. Have a great day and if I dont post.

Happy Hallowee

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