Monday, October 6, 2014

Big Girl Decisions

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  I have some decisions to make. This ketogenic eating is really hard. I just cannot maintain on 20 g of carbs or less a day. It makes me feel like mega shit. I can eat 40-50 carbs a day and feel really good. That is way less then what the recommended amounts are. Alot of these women (in the fb group) are in starving mode and so nasty to each other. It totally turns me off. If somebody even hints they are not eating *clean*, they jump on them.  That shit is not for me. Look! I have lost quite a bit since I started this. There have been a shit ton of bumps in the road. I cant even exercise properly cause of my damn feet. But I will not let some stranger guilt me because I ate a baked pretzel today for a snack. I have only consumed 663 calories so far today.  I will never eat another 700 for dinner. I am going to keep my calories low, eat low carbs, more fats, and hope my feet heal!

 That is big girl decisio
n #1.

   Last week, I was bored. I went poking around on FB. For some reason, I got the urge to look up my sister`s name. She has never been on FB for the umpteen years that I have been on. My brother`s either. Well guess what I found. My sister is on FB. It freaked me out. Just from what I saw. She looks so much older. It has been almost 15 years. She has her shit on public, so she has a ton of people that just added her. It is sad. It made me sad. For a fleeting moment I was going to friend request her. I would tell her that this was strictly online for now. I am not going into specifics but if someone hasnt talked to their older sibling for almost 20 years, they must have a good reason. I didnt friend her. I just sat on that decision to see how a few days would make me feel. I decided that I was going to leave it be for now. I may revisit this at a later date. I will also talk to the therapist about this tomorrow.  That can of worms is staying closed.

Big girl decisio
n #2 down!

Major pressing issue, the boy that needs to grow up to be a man. He is coming back here on Friday. He has been gone more then a month. He calls it his vacation. Vacation from what, I dont care. I was supposed to write out a *contract* for my therapist to see tomorrow. It would outline all that we want him to do so that he can continue to live here. He has to get a job. He has to pay us $50 a week. He (and everyone) has to limit their showers to 15 minutes. Winter is coming and oil is expensive.  He has to save money throughout the Fall and Winter. If he is still here, he has until April 1st. He should have enough saved to move out. If he misses a week paying, he has to pay both weeks the following week or he will have to live somewhere else.

   It is so simple. We have throw
n family out before because they were not holding up their end of the bargain. I just dont see why this is so hard. He has been here more or less since March 2014. He has never given us a penny towards his living here. So things are going to change.

Big girl decisio
n #3..I am on a roll.

   Lastly, I have been really working on this house. We own a older, wooden, short, and orange colored tv stand. It has been in this house over 10 years. It hasnt been used forever. I was gonna toss it. A lightbulb went over my head. We are going to give #2 our flat screen from our bedroom and get a slightly larger one. I measured the base of our tv. It will fit on said tv cart/stand. Today I washed it and used a entire can of gloss black Valspar spray paint on it. I need one more can. It will go in the kid`s room after we paint. I brought all the houseplants inside. I am going to try to overwinter my wax begonias from the porch pots. They are so pretty that they deserve to survive! If they die, they cost me next to nothing. 

Okay, I gotta get movi
ng again. I have to bring the tv stand inside just in case it rains. I have dishes to finish and I got to work on dinner. Sausage with potatoes. Yummy!

Have a great week!

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