Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fall Projects 2014


    I always have something to do around here. I have a objective to accomplish before it gets super cold. I want to paint Kid#2`s room, paint the living room <---yeah..still hasnt been done..paint my dresser (halfway there), paint and re-upholster a couple chairs, and get set up for Christmas. If I could do all that in two months time, that would be amaz-balls! We shall see though.


I did start repainti
ng all the rough plastic pots that I bought this summer for super cheap. I bought about 8 of these large pots for $5. The Rustoleom spray paint costs $4 a can. This was done first because my Mother in Law`s tongue was pot bound and I wanted to give it a good chance at settling in before it gets cold. I have a couple blues and black. Every week I will buy another shocking color. I will paint them till it is too cold to do it. They will be nice to have pops of color around the yard.  I also have some Jeep tires that I am thinking I might paint and make into garden beds. 

  I wo
n these two pretties on Ebay. They are Birkies from Birkenstock. I was lucky. The blue island theme cost $16 and the fans cost $24. They are exclusively made in Germany and not sold in the US. When people buy them on trips to Europe, they throw the boxes away because they need room in their suitcases. So if you see them new w/o box, this is why. They are orthopedic for your feet. You have to wear them around the house, preferably barefoot, to form your foot to the insole. It took me about 2 days with the black ones. The other pair took about a week. When I wear them, my feet feel really good. I dont have heel pain. Major score with the shoes!

  Today I am going to work on the dresser..I hope. The white needs a touch up. I already painted the drawers and the top. It is a rough dresser but that is okay with me. It is big enough for my abundance of shit.

Halloween and Kid #2`s birthday s coming fast. I ordered her carrot cake. She MAY have decided on a place to eat. She wants a gift to open! So much money spent on a 21 year old. More updates as we get closer.

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