Thursday, October 2, 2014

October 2014

*247* <---size 18 now!

  Happy October! 
   My favorite month of the whole year. This is the time that things start to change. Preparations are  made for the colder months to come. Pumpkin flavored shit.  My little princess has her birthday (21 this year) and Halloween. It is the calm before the Christmas storm. I love it!

    Kid #2 and I did phase one of making her bedroom a oasis. We took out all the trash that has piled up. We took down all the pictures, posters, mirrors, and wall hangers. She has to go through her clothing. Tomorrow I want to dust off her walls, vacuum the carpet, and hang painters tape. I found the perfect bed for her room. She wants the black one. This will be a place for her to be able to relax in. Get away from the boy that will be back to invade our home in another week. Geez. I am not gonna talk about THAT!  We did Kid #1`s room and now it is the baby`s turn. Small flat screen tv. I have a tv stand I will paint for it. A new bed with a new mattress ( i have connections), two lamps, comforter, dust ruffle, throw pillows. My friend crocheted a huge black afghan in stained glass style that I am going to purchase. It will be happiness for her.


Fat-o leg

Isnt THAT attractive? Let me explain. 
My plantar fascitis has been still bothering my right heel plus I have had some issues with cracked heels. I made a foot doc appointment. Long story short...I have to see him on a regular basis when it comes to the cracked heels. I have to put a urea cream on them to soften the calluses. Even though I do not walk barefoot anymore, I still have this thing called hyper keratosis. I have to just keep my feet healthy. Have them seen so that I never get a infection. As for the boot. After two Xrays of my feet, it was found that they both have bone spurs. The right is very bad. I have two boots that I am supposed to wear to bed. I cant. It is too hard. He had alternative of wearing them for a couple hours a night. I do that. I also have foot straps that hold up the fascia under my foot to relieve the pressure when I walk around during the day. The fascia is what is swollen. It is from pulling away from the bone.  Yuck!
So that means no exercise or walking for exercise until I start to heal my feet.
 The  next time I go in, I have to get $30 foot inserts. I cannot afford the $550 orthotics that insurance doesnt cover. I may save for them but we will try all the other stuff first. The boots, the straps, and the inserts. I won two pairs of the cutest Birkenstocks for myself. They should be here this week. I have to find some wooly socks to go with. I have to get a good pair of sneakers next.

 Yeah..I thought I would just be getting a high priced pedicure.

    I am still eating Keto. There are bumps in the road but I keep right on doing it. It is becoming my way of eating. It is not a diet. I am part of a FB group for support. There are some bitches but they are everywhere. I just basically read to learn.  I have a tape measure becase I have to record my inches. Today was going to be the day for that (you need help). We will see if the man is in the mood. I feel good when I dont eat starchy carbohydrates. If I do, I feel bloated and gross. Especially if I eat any wheat. There is something called carb loading. Once a week or every two weeks, you eat carbs for the day. You eat *normal*. It is supposed to help kick your metabolism. I have slowly lost pounds. When I started, I weighed 255. It was period time plus all the new eating. My period is coming again and I am 247. Usually I gain. So I am hoping I drop some LBs afterward. I have a new pair of size 18 boyfriend jeans. I couldnt button them. I can now but they are still too tight to wear out. Give it another couple weeks and I will be rocking them.

    That is about it. I have started to slowly put out the Hallowee
n decorations. We got the Man`s car fixed (brakes, shocks, tire rods), the plumber is coming Saturday to replace the outside faucet that is dripping. I have tons of yard work to do. I will never finish but that is okay. I may ask the birthday girl if she would rather have a big ham for her birthday dinner. She has been craving one. I haven't bought any Halloween candy yet. There are kids in the neighborhood so I just might. I planted my three hydrangea plants in front of the house. I will cover them in leaves for the winter. Ummm, we are going to visit the inlaws this month. They moved back to this part of the world. I made applesauce! I have cukes to make bread and butter pickles too. The dill are faboo.

Okay, I am do
ne. I hope you have a great week!

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